Audrey Jacobson, LMT

BodyMind Coaching & Massage Therapy, Augusta GA

BodyMind Coaching

BodyMind Coaching is a specialized session that combines a powerful coaching conversation with bodywork to help activate the body-mind connection in your life in a whole new way. Get to the heart of what’s going on and address the underlying patterns causing chronic pain and stress in your life. BodyMind Coaching helps you move out of your head and engage the wisdom of your body to create significant, lasting change in your life with clear, actionable steps to support you along the way.

BMC Discovery Session with Holistic Bodywork

90 minutes: $165

120 minutes: $215

Discovery Sessions are available once so you may fully immerse yourself into the way BodyMind Coaching works. This is not a one-and-done appointment. Coaching is not about "fixing" your or your pain. It is an ongoing process which requires the commitment to show up for yourself continually. Coaching programs are created and quoted individually.

If you'd like to learn more before booking a discovery session, or if you live out of the area and are interested in virtual coaching, schedule a complimentary call HERE.